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UEFA EURO 2024 results: When and where were the matches?

UEFA EURO 2024 kicked off on Friday 14 June and ended with the final between Spain and England in Berlin on Sunday 14 July. See the dates, venues and schedule.

Spain's wing wizards Nico Williams and Lamine Yamal celebrate after the final
Spain's wing wizards Nico Williams and Lamine Yamal celebrate after the final AFP via Getty Images

Check out the full list of UEFA EURO 2024 fixtures and results.

Full match schedule

EURO 2024 final result

Sunday 14 July
Spain 2-1 England (Berlin)

Final highlights: Spain 2-1 England

Semi-final results

Tuesday 9 July
Spain 2-1 France (Munich)

Wednesday 10 July
Netherlands 1-2 England (Dortmund)

Quarter-final results

Friday 5 July
Spain 2-1 Germany (aet) (Stuttgart)
Portugal 0-0 France (aet, 3-5 on pens) (Hamburg)

Saturday 6 July
England 1-1 Switzerland (aet, 5-3 on pens) (Düsseldorf)
Netherlands 2-1 Türkiye (Berlin)

Highlights: Netherlands 2-1 Türkiye

Round of 16 results

Saturday 29 June
Switzerland 2-0 Italy (Berlin)
Germany 2-0 Denmark (Dortmund)

Sunday 30 June
England 2-1 Slovakia (aet) (Gelsenkirchen)
Spain 4-1 Georgia (Cologne)

Monday 1 July
France 1-0 Belgium (Düsseldorf)
Portugal 0-0 Slovenia (aet, 3-0 on pens) (Frankfurt)

Tuesday 2 July
Romania 0-3 Netherlands (Munich)
Austria 1-2 Türkiye (Leipzig)

Highlights: Switzerland 2-0 Italy

Group stage results

14 June
Group A: Germany 5-1 Scotland (Munich)

15 June
A: Hungary 1-3 Switzerland (Cologne)
B: Spain 3-0 Croatia (Berlin)
B: Italy 2-1 Albania (Dortmund)

16 June
D: Poland 1-2 Netherlands (Hamburg)
C: Slovenia 1-1 Denmark (Stuttgart)
C: Serbia 0-1 England (Gelsenkirchen)

17 June
E: Romania 3-0 Ukraine (Munich)
E: Belgium 0-1 Slovakia (Frankfurt)
D: Austria 0-1 France (Düsseldorf)

Highlights: Romania 3-0 Ukraine

18 June
F: Türkiye 3-1 Georgia (Dortmund)
F: Portugal 2-1 Czechia (Leipzig)

19 June
B: Croatia 2-2 Albania (Hamburg)
A: Germany 2-0 Hungary (Stuttgart)
A: Scotland 1-1 Switzerland (Cologne)

20 June
C: Slovenia 1-1 Serbia (Munich)
C: Denmark 1-1 England (Frankfurt)
B: Spain 1-0 Italy (Gelsenkirchen)

21 June
E: Slovakia 1-2 Ukraine (Düsseldorf)
D: Poland 1-3 Austria (Berlin)
D: Netherlands 0-0 France (Leipzig)

Highlights: Poland 1-3 Austria

22 June
F: Georgia 1-1 Czechia (Hamburg)
F: Türkiye 0-3 Portugal (Dortmund)
E: Belgium 2-0 Romania (Cologne)

Did you know...?

As part of UEFA's commitment to making EURO 2024 a reference event for sustainability in sport, venues and matches were organised in regionalised clusters. This reduces the number of flights taken by teams by 75% compared to EURO 2016, as well as ensuring easier, sustainable transport between matches for supporters.

23 June
A: Switzerland 1-1 Germany (Frankfurt)
A: Scotland 0-1 Hungary (Stuttgart)

24 June
B: Croatia 1-1 Italy (Leipzig)
B: Albania 0-1 Spain (Düsseldorf)

25 June
D: Netherlands 2-3 Austria (Berlin)
D: France 1-1 Poland (Dortmund)
C: England 0-0 Slovenia (Cologne)
C: Denmark 0-0 Serbia (Munich)

26 June
E: Slovakia 1-1 Romania (Frankfurt)
E: Ukraine 0-0 Belgium (Stuttgart)
F: Czechia 1-2 Türkiye (Hamburg)
F: Georgia 2-0 Portugal (Gelsenkirchen)

Highlights: Georgia 2-0 Portugal
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